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[Fshare] AION 5.8 Offline | AION Offline 2018

AION 5.8 Offline - đây là phiên bản chơi offline của tựa game PC Online khủng một thời, . Cho tới nay đây vẫn là game nhập vai trực tuyến có chất lượng hàng đầu.

1. Giải nén sever chạy từ 1-4
2. Tải Client về chạy update (đây là game mini client vừa chơi vừa download) Client rất nặng.
3. Copy thư mục Game Launcher vào thư mục Client
4. Đăng nhập tự động, lần đầu máy hỏi chọn sever chọn No.
5. Chọn sever và Play
6 . Edit:
DB Login:
user: root
password: 123456
port: 3312
7. Set GM như hình

8. Lệnh GM:


give admin rights to player

PS: rolemask = 1,2,or 3 to full admin.

//revoke characterName

revoke admin rights to player


Adds an item to player inventory


Adds an item from player inventory


Adds an item set to player inventory


Adds a skill to your target player


Will recursively check all missing player skills and add them to him


Adds a title to your target player


the message is sent to all players chatbox


the message is sent to all players from the specified race on the chatbox


the message is sent to all players chatbox and a message appear in center screen


show target object infos


show target player parameter infos

//set level

Sets target player level

PS: max level 50

//set exp

Set target player experience amount

//set title

Set target player title

Complete Title ID List:

id=1 Poeta's Protector

id=2 Verteron's Warrior

id=3 Bottled Lightning

id=4 Tree-Hugger

id=5 Krall Hunter

id=6 Straw for Brains

id=7 Animal Lover

id=8 Fluent in Krall

id=9 Patient

id=10 Mabangtah's Envoy

id=11 Demolitions Expert

id=12 Eltnen's Hero

id=13 Klaw Hunter

id=14 Aerialist

id=15 Kobold Chef

id=16 Respects the Fallen

id=17 Eulogist

id=18 Love Cynic

id=19 Anti-Counterfeiter

id=20 Savior of Eiron Forest

id=21 Honorary Meniherk Union Member

id=22 Lonely Bounty Hunter

id=23 Recognized by Arbolu

id=24 Chief Investigator

id=25 Defeater of the Indratu Legion

id=26 Belbua's Benefactor

id=27 Poor Camouflage Master

id=28 Experienced Fisher

id=29 Excellent Spy

id=30 Fluent in Balaur

id=31 Tough

id=32 Battle-Hardened

id=33 Invincible

id=34 Heroic
id=35 Pirate Busting

id=36 Top Expert

id=37 Miragent Holy Templar

id=38 Adept DP Manipulator

id=39 Daeva in White
id=40 Owner of the Dragon Sword

id=41 Honorary Black Cloud
id=42 Krall Slaughterer
id=43 Gatekeeper Hunter
id=44 Obstinate Herdsman
id=45 Gullible
id=46 Azoturan Destroyer
id=47 Project Drakanhammer Researcher
id=48 Homuron Knights
id=49 The One who Confronted Fate
id=50 Savior of Future
id=51 Raider Hero
id=52 Treasure Hunter
id=53 Mosbear Slayer
id=54 Fluent in Mau
id=55 Kind
id=56 Legendary Hunter
id=57 Protector of Altgard
id=58 Tayga Slayer
id=59 Courageous Destructor
id=60 Protector of Morheim
id=61 Shugo Chef
id=62 Energized after eating Millennium Ginseng
id=63 Honorary Kidorun
id=64 Champion of the Elderly
id=65 Friend of Kong and Pat
id=66 Silver Mane Benefactor
id=67 Postal
id=68 Slayer of Mabangtah
id=69 Tenacious
id=70 Fast, Exact, and Reliable
id=71 Unyielding Pioneer
id=72 Protector of Brusthonin
id=73 Cheated by Sleipnir
id=74 Beluslan's Hero
id=75 Hunter of the Snowfield
id=76 Savior of Besfer Villagers
id=77 Sweeper of Mt. Musphel
id=78 Ancient Book Collector
id=79 All the Way to Elysea for Nothing i
id=80 Fluent in Balaur
id=81 Tough
id=82 Battle-Hardened
id=83 Invincible
id=84 Heroic
id=85 Steel Rake Demolisher
id=86 Top Expert
id=87 Fenris's Fang
id=88 DP Test Passing
id=89 Light on the Battlefield
id=90 Owner of Agrif's Rage
id=91 Wheeler-Dealer
id=92 Poking into Everything
id=93 Gatekeeper Stabber
id=94 True Friend of Silver Mane
id=95 Born Merchant
id=96 Marked One
id=97 Expert Vengeful Spirit Consoler
id=98 Pirate of the Carobian
id=99 The One who Changed Destiny
id=100 Future Traveling
id=101 Settler of Aion
id=102 As You Wish
id=103 Adept of Aion
id=104 Shining Intellectual
id=105 Sage of Aion
id=106 Very Generous

//set class
Set target player class

Class ID's:

Warrior - 0
Gladiator - 1
Templar - 2

Scout - 3
Assassin - 4
Ranger - 5

Mage - 6
Sorcerer - 7
Spirit Master - 8

Priest - 9
Cleric - 10
Chanter - 11

switch you char to invisible or visible

switch you char to invulnerable or vulnerable

adds speed value to you
PS: Value from 100-200

fully restore hp/mp/dp of target player

kills the named player

disconnect the named player

send player to prison

return player from prison

moves you to bind point

move player1 to player2 location

move player to my position

teleports you to player position

teleports you to npc position

//moveto < X Y Z>
teleport to specified XYZ coordinates

Nhận link trực tiếp Fshare/GGDrive không quảng cáo qua

FB hoặc Email, bạn có thể ủng hộ bằng cách click vào hình dưới:

1. Client: 


2. Sever:
  1. http://megaurl.in/3sFZ
  2. http://megaurl.in/jK52V1v
Backup: https://www.fshare.vn/file/2LN5IUGGORGQ

Pass: mygamevn.com

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